Brown Baer Bed & Beer Vacation Rental


Prime location. Above hip bar. Private back deck. Beds for heads.

Come stay at our vacation rental, the NEW Brown Baer Bed & Beer.  Yup.  You heard that right.  More details, pictures and pricing on AirBNB link below.  

Learn more here and book your stay, today!  

You deserve a break!  Fun awaits.  Love and live that life of yours.  We will, too! 

Why Elkhart Lake?


The lake. The people. The food. The track. The music.

Elkhart has something for everyone.   There is so much more you can do to keep busy, other than eating our cornbread and hula-hooping in the bar all night.  Learn more here. 

It takes a village people.  It really does. 

P.S.  Visit our friends!  Doug (the original) & Tim at Water Sports!  Daniel and Kelley at Off the Rail. Laurie & Lisa at Siebkens.  Lola at the Osthoff.  Lynn and Cheri at Paddock.  Lynn and John at Lake Street.  Jaclyn at Vintage.  We also have a Brewery in the Village at Switch Gear and local shops (Like Gina's & Two Fish) to keep your time busy. The list goes on & on.  Tell them we sent you, the Baers say Hi.  Heck, we might even get a beer out of this.